Things to Consider When Hiring an Interior Painter

Applying a fresh lick of paint to the interior of your home can help you to transform the interior of your home. This type of work is best carried out by a professional painter. This article details the things you should consider when hiring a professional painter to carry out work on the interior of your home. Read on to find out more! Pricing and Budget The cost of hiring a professional painter to work on the interior of your home will vary depending on the size of the project, whether any repair work needs to be carried out before painting can take place and a range of other factors. [Read More]

Boost Customers' Satisfaction and Comfort in Your Restaurant

Changing the location of your restaurant and hiring new employees are great ideas if the sales are decreasing each month. But wait a minute! Do you know that little things such as painting the restaurant's interior walls are an effective game-changer? Some customers might no longer come to your restaurant since they find the interior walls of your restaurant dull and boring. If so, then use some paint colours to change their perception. [Read More]

3 Commercial Paint Jobs Where You Should Use Hygienic Paint

While you may have a preferred, go-to trade paint you like to use for all your jobs, there are some scenarios where using a specialist paint will be far better for your client. One type of specialist trade paint that's useful in a wide variety of situations is hygienic paint. This category encompasses a variety of wall coatings with better resistance to bacteria. These paints often contain antimicrobial compounds, have better protection against moisture and don't crack under the high or low temperatures many sterile environments are kept in. [Read More]

Here's How to Choose the Right Exterior Paint Colours for Your House

Are you thinking about updating the appearance of your home exteriors? Giving your exterior home environment a custom paint job is a great way to increase the kerb appeal of the property. Before embarking on the project, you'll need to pick your exterior paint colour. But with an abundance of paint colours in the market, deciding on the best paint colour or colour combination for your home can be a confusing thing. [Read More]