Getting Rid of the Smell of Cigarettes in a Room: What You Need to Know

There can be a bit of a clash when a non-smoker moves into a home that was previously inhabited by a smoker. The consumption of cigarettes can leave an effect, and this might not quite be to your taste. There might be a lingering odour, and the walls can even be discoloured. This can be the case when you move into a new flat, or even when you've bought a new home that was previously owned by a smoker. [Read More]

How to Make Your Child's Bedroom Walls More Interactive with Specialist Paint

When it comes to creating a fun, interactive room for your child, you might need to use your imagination. In small bedrooms in particular, there might not be room for loads of fancy toys and furniture, so you'll need to think outside the box. Turning the walls of the room into interactive areas to promote play and learning is a great way to make the most of the space you have. [Read More]

The 7 Key Steps for Floor Coating Installation

Should you hire a professional or use the DIY approach when installing a floor coating in your garage? This article discusses some of the crucial steps that need to be performed in order to have a flawless concrete floor-coating installation. Use this information to make an informed decision about your ability to undertake such a floor coating project on your own. Step 1: Diamond Grinding Diamond grinding involves using a power grinder to remove any imperfections, such as pits or divots. [Read More]

Getting Your Kitchen Painted? Grey It Up With These 5 Shade Ideas

Grey is no longer the boring old hag of yesteryear. The colour has undergone a dramatic change to emerge as an eclectic choice for many rooms in your home, including your kitchen. Grey is no longer associated with a feeling of dullness and melancholy. If you're working with your painters to introduce style and sophistication to your kitchen, grey it up with these interesting shades.  Silver Grey Lighter shades of grey feature a silver-like appearance with a radiant finish in a well-lit kitchen. [Read More]