Getting Your Kitchen Painted? Grey It Up With These 5 Shade Ideas

Grey is no longer the boring old hag of yesteryear. The colour has undergone a dramatic change to emerge as an eclectic choice for many rooms in your home, including your kitchen. Grey is no longer associated with a feeling of dullness and melancholy. If you're working with your painters to introduce style and sophistication to your kitchen, grey it up with these interesting shades.  Silver Grey Lighter shades of grey feature a silver-like appearance with a radiant finish in a well-lit kitchen. [Read More]

Painting Your Bedroom? 4 Sharp Strategies To Introduce The Right Paint Colour For A Soothing Bedroom Effect

Your bedroom should be a haven for rest and relaxation, so you'll naturally want to choose wall colours that create a soothing environment. Choosing the right bedroom colour needs careful planning to get right. This guide equips you with sharp strategies when working with residential painters to introduce the right paint colour for a tranquil bedroom effect. Natural Earthen Tones Breed Serenity Earthen tones like browns, greys, beiges, tans and greens are typically muted and subdued to emulate the natural soothing effects of nature. [Read More]

Exterior paint selection | Choosing the best colour for your home

Choosing the best paint for your home's exterior is not a choice that should be done hastily. Your home's exterior is what gives the first impression about your home, and it also goes a long way in telling others of your personality. And that's not all, how you paint your home also has an effect on the whole street. Perhaps that's what makes it utterly important to get it right the first time. [Read More]

Benefits of Having an Office Painting Job Done Professionally

It is very important for business premises to look presentable because this goes a long way in showing professionalism. A professionally done painting job not only makes an office building to look nice and neat, but it also provides several other important benefits, including, but not limited to, the following: Reduced energy costs The possibility that expert paint colour selection can reduce energy bills might never cross your mind. The colour of paint applied on your office building affects its energy efficiency. [Read More]