3 Commercial Paint Jobs Where You Should Use Hygienic Paint

While you may have a preferred, go-to trade paint you like to use for all your jobs, there are some scenarios where using a specialist paint will be far better for your client. One type of specialist trade paint that's useful in a wide variety of situations is hygienic paint. This category encompasses a variety of wall coatings with better resistance to bacteria. These paints often contain antimicrobial compounds, have better protection against moisture and don't crack under the high or low temperatures many sterile environments are kept in.

If you want to do the best for your clients to boost their satisfaction and your reputation, here are three paint jobs where you should consider using hygienic paint.

1. Painting a Food or Beverage Establishment

Hygiene is crucial to any food or beverage business. Without sufficient protection against bacteria and contamination, restaurants, bakeries, food manufacturing plants and other related businesses will quickly find themselves shut down by health and safety officers. So, when painting one of these establishments, it's a good idea to use hygienic paint. In particular, use it in areas where good is prepared, processed or cooked, as well as in storage areas. Paint in refrigerated rooms should be highly resistant to cold temperatures, while paint in kitchens should be able to withstand high heat and repel grease.

2. Painting a School or Daycare Centre

Children are far more susceptible to illness and infection than adults because their immune systems are still developing. You're more likely to score school and daycare painting jobs if you can reassure those clients that you use hygienic paint. Anti-bacterial walls won't absorb all the germs and bacteria found on children's hands. Plus, since this paint is designed to be durable, it won't wear down or crack when janitors wipe it down every day, ensuring it can be thoroughly disinfected as often as needed.

3. Painting a Medical Environment

Last but certainly not least, you'll want to use hygienic paint in any kind of medical setting. This includes hospitals, dentist's offices, other clinics and pharmacies. These are establishments where hygiene can be the difference between life and death for vulnerable patients, so many medical clients won't even think of hiring a painter who doesn't use hygienic trade paint. A good hygienic paint will repel microbes as well as withstand the daily impact of wheeled stretchers and medical equipment. Hospitals, in particular, will also want a wall covering that's suitable for wet environments like shower rooms, so make sure you have a suitable trade paint for that part of the job.

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