Boost Customers' Satisfaction and Comfort in Your Restaurant

Changing the location of your restaurant and hiring new employees are great ideas if the sales are decreasing each month. But wait a minute! Do you know that little things such as painting the restaurant's interior walls are an effective game-changer? Some customers might no longer come to your restaurant since they find the interior walls of your restaurant dull and boring. If so, then use some paint colours to change their perception. Ask a commercial painter to help you choose the paint colours that send psychological impulses to customers and trigger feelings of hunger. Here are things to remember when choosing paint colours for your restaurant's interior walls:

Choose Relaxing Colours

Although most people go to a restaurant to enjoy a meal or drink, others go to relax. These people might feel misplaced or lost when they don't get the relaxed atmosphere they want in a restaurant. Some customers take a heavy lunch after they have relaxed for a while, especially if they came in tired. Brown and green are the most effective paint colours to use to create a relaxing atmosphere in a restaurant. Green reminds the customers that they need to eat well-balanced food to stay healthy. Green and woody brown on the walls creates calmness in a restaurant. Use brown in patches if you don't want your restaurant to feel rustic in the wrong way.

Don't Ignore the Impact of Light Colours

Beige, white and light grey are the light colours to use on the walls to boost the image of your restaurant. They make a restaurant with a small space look bigger. Beige and white make customers feel relaxed and welcome, influencing them to stay longer and enjoy some more drinks and foods. Use beige or white on the ceiling if you want the restaurant to look and feel more spacious. Don't overdo these colours if you don't want them to act as diet suppressants. For instance, use some red, green or white hints to break the beige effect and maintain the royal and relaxing feeling.

Fast-Food Colours

Go for bright yellow and red shades if you want your customers to rush in and out. Most customers won't spend twenty minutes in a restaurant that offers fast food — they just order, pick up, pay and go. Yellow and red shades are attractive, and they elevate the customers' heart rate, creating some exciting emotions. These paint colours are great in restaurants where people eat fast and leave. Most of the colour schemes in a fast-food restaurant depend on the brand or logo reflected.

Use purple and blue shades on the interior walls if you want to curb customers' appetites. Warmer brown, orange and red shades are earthy or dark, and they boost appetite for customers who came for fine dining or multi-course meals. Most commercial painters consider the food served and restaurant class to know the most appropriate interior paint colours to use on the walls.