Two Tips for Budget-Conscious People Who Want to Use Luxury Paints in Their Homes

If you love the unusual colours and wonderful quality of luxury paints but are budget-conscious, here are some tips to follow when painting your home.

Only use luxury paints on your home's most visible walls

Whilst many people buy luxury paints because of their durability, many are drawn to these paints because of the interesting colours and the beautiful finishes that these paints tend to have. If you want this paint in your home mainly because of how it will look, then you can reduce the cost of using it by only applying it to your home's most visible walls.

For example, if you have a fireplace integrated into a wall in your living room and all of your furniture faces towards this feature, you could ask the painter to apply the luxury paint to this wall only. Because the wall already has a lovely feature and because your furniture is facing towards it, that is the wall that anyone in that room will notice when they spend time in it.

Using this high-end paint only on feature walls and opting for economy paint elsewhere could potentially enable you to add a touch of this luxurious and beautiful paint to several of the rooms in your home, even if you have only purchased a couple of tins.

Consider adding dado rails or border paper to divide the walls

If you don't want to have a feature wall with luxury paint in every room of your home, you could also put up dado rails or add border paper to the centre of each wall (both items are very inexpensive, and you could even make your own dado rails if you wanted to reduce this expense even further). Then, you could add the luxury paint to either the upper or lower half of the wall. This will halve the amount of luxury paint you use in the rooms in which you use this decorating method, whilst still enabling you to enjoy seeing some of it on every wall in those rooms.

If you've asked the painter to put a dark shade on one half and a lighter shade on the other, you should choose a luxury light-coloured paint and a dark paint from an economy brand, as people's eyes will naturally be drawn to the lighter half of the wall.

Contact a company that sells luxury paints to learn more about your options.