Getting Your Kitchen Painted? Grey It Up With These 5 Shade Ideas

Grey is no longer the boring old hag of yesteryear. The colour has undergone a dramatic change to emerge as an eclectic choice for many rooms in your home, including your kitchen. Grey is no longer associated with a feeling of dullness and melancholy. If you're working with your painters to introduce style and sophistication to your kitchen, grey it up with these interesting shades. 

Silver Grey

Lighter shades of grey feature a silver-like appearance with a radiant finish in a well-lit kitchen. You can pair it with a white or off-white ceiling to create a serene and composed cooking space. Silver grey is an ideal colour when you have lighter furniture because it blends in beautifully with your existing décor. You can even create a cheerful kitchen when working with painters to add yellow accents to silver grey walls.

Purple Grey

Grey with purple undertones is ideal when you're looking to create a dramatic flair to your kitchen because of its royal finish. Purple grey is typically darker in colour and works best when you have lighter kitchen furniture to avoid any clashes. Purple grey works well with beige accents to give your kitchen a brighter appearance.

Blue Grey

Blue grey is a popular choice in kitchens because of its cool demeanour. The shade features a steel-like finish, making it an excellent choice for kitchens with plenty of stainless steel applications. Blue grey also works well if your kitchen is east or west facing with plenty of sunlight because of its cooling effect.

Charcoal Grey

Charcoal grey reveals a more subdued colour with a smoky effect. This shade of grey looks especially lovely when you're looking to create a sense of calm in your cooking space. Charcoal grey exudes a feeling of style and produces a striking contrast when paired against white or light furniture in your kitchen. You can offset the darkness of charcoal grey by working with your house painters to introduce pops of colours with burnt orange or lime yellow accents in your kitchen.

Slate Grey

Slate grey is one of the most versatile grey shades available because you can pair it with all types of beige, tan or earthen coloured furniture. Slate grey also serves as an excellent backdrop when paired with light or dark timber cabinetry. While the colour works well on its own, you can pair it with another hue like olive green or taupe beige for adding dramatic character to your kitchen.

If you hire painters to get your kitchen painted, consider these interesting grey shades for the space.