Painting Your Bedroom? 4 Sharp Strategies To Introduce The Right Paint Colour For A Soothing Bedroom Effect

Your bedroom should be a haven for rest and relaxation, so you'll naturally want to choose wall colours that create a soothing environment. Choosing the right bedroom colour needs careful planning to get right. This guide equips you with sharp strategies when working with residential painters to introduce the right paint colour for a tranquil bedroom effect.

Natural Earthen Tones Breed Serenity

Earthen tones like browns, greys, beiges, tans and greens are typically muted and subdued to emulate the natural soothing effects of nature. Light, natural earthen tones are always wise for bedrooms because they make them feel more spacious and gentle –– exactly the effect you're probably looking to achieve. On the other hand, darker earthen colours may make your bedroom feel more closed in and dull, so you may want to avoid them when you're looking for a clean and well-lit appearance.

Choose Colours That Blend In With Your Furniture

When working with residential painters to finalise your bedroom colours, you may want to consider colours that blend in seamlessly with your existing bedroom furniture for a homogenous finish. For instance, if you have pale wood furniture, then pastel shades of green, apricot or peach may blend in well with your furniture. If you have white furniture, then pastel shades of off-white and light beige will create a relaxing blended effect. Avoid choosing intimidating colours that drown existing furniture because this will distract from the character of your bedroom's décor.

Introduce Colours That Match Or Contrast With Bedroom Fabrics

Another sharp strategy is to work with residential painters to incorporate wall colours that match or contrast with the fabric colours you use in your bedroom based on your personal choice. A contrasting colour offsets fabrics beautifully to create aesthetic focal points, while matching colours create a uniform appearance. For instance, if you use bright blue bedroom fabrics, then ideal contrasting colours would be subdued versions of red, orange and yellow. A matching colour effect would be to use lighter shades of the same blue. The choice will ultimately depend on your personal tastes and preferences.

Add A Feature Wall For Enhancing Bedroom Character

If you like the idea of a fun bedroom, then you'll want to consider a feature wall to enhance the existing character of your bedroom. Feature walls are ideal for drawing the eye towards specific objects you want to highlight in your bedroom. For instance, certain paintings and trinkets set against feature walls can act as focal points for bedrooms. The colour choice you make for your feature wall will depend on the colour of the other walls. For instance, if you want a matching effect against beige walls, then a yellow or dark beige feature wall works well. If you want a contrasting effect against beige, then colours like blue, green and orange work well.

Follow these sharp strategies when working with residential painters to introduce the right paint colours for your bedroom. For more tips, contact a company like Dyson Painters.