Exterior paint selection | Choosing the best colour for your home

Choosing the best paint for your home's exterior is not a choice that should be done hastily. Your home's exterior is what gives the first impression about your home, and it also goes a long way in telling others of your personality. And that's not all, how you paint your home also has an effect on the whole street. Perhaps that's what makes it utterly important to get it right the first time. Picking a paint colour takes a lot of factors into consideration. Here are some tips that may assist you in making the right choice.

Know your shade characteristics

Colour shades vary in characteristics. When you decide to go for darker shades, remember that they absorb heat, and this may not be conducive in areas of hot climates. Darker shades also fade faster. However, such shades can considerably increase the intensity of your home's exterior. This is because as brighter colours reflect their colour to the exterior, they considerably lose their intensity. Darker shades don't do a lot of reflecting. So even if you're intending on going for a brighter shade, make it a couple of shades darker than what you feel is right.

Match with hard to change elements

Before painting, look around at the elements around your home that hardly change. These include your driveway, pathways and perhaps roofing. You need to learn how to use such elements to your advantage. If you've got a warm undertone for your driveway, for instance, go for warmer colours for your home too. However, if you've got an exterior that brings out an intense look such as a terracotta roof tile, then go for a neutral colour to balance it out. Try and harmonise your house with the rest of its exterior.

Consider the visual effect

The paint colour you choose should also be in line with the visual effect you wish to achieve. Do you want to make your home stand out or recede into its environs? If you've got an obscured house and want to make it stand out, then a brighter colour would do. You could also go for bolder colours than your neighbours are using to make it stand out.  

Additionally, if you looking to hide some undesirable features of your home such as a poorly fitting window, then you'd rather avoid contrasting colours when painting your trims. Use a neutral shade instead. The accents such as doors and shutters can be painted using bold colours. However, making them too bold would overwhelm the architectural features and bring an unpleasant effect. 

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