Here's How to Choose the Right Exterior Paint Colours for Your House

Are you thinking about updating the appearance of your home exteriors? Giving your exterior home environment a custom paint job is a great way to increase the kerb appeal of the property. Before embarking on the project, you'll need to pick your exterior paint colour. But with an abundance of paint colours in the market, deciding on the best paint colour or colour combination for your home can be a confusing thing. [Read More]

Safety Tips to Observe When Undertaking an Interior Painting Project

If you are a DIY enthusiast, you may be pretty excited about repainting your home's exterior without professional help. You have likely bought quality paint and invested in paint brushes, a roller and other equipment necessary to guarantee a successful project. However, besides having the right equipment and possessing painting skills, you also need to take proper care. Failure to do this can expose you to risks that can potentially jeopardize your health. [Read More]

Paint Application Issues to Avoid

Many DIY painting jobs fail prematurely due to several application mistakes. This article discusses some of those application mistakes and how they can be avoided in order to have lasting results. Sagging Paint Fragments Paint can flow and sag on some sections of the painted surface if the person painting the surface didn't mix the paint well. For example, paint can sag in case you applied too much thinner during the mixing process. [Read More]