Getting Rid of the Smell of Cigarettes in a Room: What You Need to Know

There can be a bit of a clash when a non-smoker moves into a home that was previously inhabited by a smoker. The consumption of cigarettes can leave an effect, and this might not quite be to your taste. There might be a lingering odour, and the walls can even be discoloured. This can be the case when you move into a new flat, or even when you've bought a new home that was previously owned by a smoker. If you want to banish all traces of smoking, then there are a few things you will need to do.


Repainting the living space is about the most effective thing you can do to remove evidence of smoking. Naturally you can do this yourself, but it can of course be quicker and easier to call in professional painters for a larger area. The paint will cover up any discoloration, and it will also seal in any cigarette odour that has seemingly seeped into the walls and ceilings. Painting really is a must in this case.


The fibrous nature of carpets mean that they will definitely be a source of odour when there has been a considerable amount of smoking in the room or home. Standard vacuuming will not be enough to get rid of the smell. You can either have the carpets professionally cleaned and deodorized, or you can rent a carpet shampooer and do the job yourself. This really is a necessity, since the carpets in question will retain the smell of cigarettes unless they are actually washed (and not merely vacuumed).

In Extreme Cases

But what can you do if there was heavy smoking within the room or home, and the scent lingers even when the space has been repainted and the carpets have been shampooed? There's a somewhat extreme option that will remove any remaining odour. You can rent an ozone generator, and leave it running in your home as per the manufacturer's instructions. An ozone generator is simply a device that produces ozone, essentially cleansing the very air itself. The generation of ozone can cause respiratory irritation, so you (along with anyone else, including pets) cannot remain in the room while the generator is operating. Once the space has been treated, you will need to open the windows to allow fresh air to circulate. This should get rid of the last of any remaining unpleasant cigarette smell.

It's not always pleasant to live in a space that has seen some heavy smoking, but it's not so difficult to get rid of the evidence.